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Silk Road Tour August 2000

Section 2: Dunhuang

Photo Train  

Lanzhou-Urumqi Railway Line
The 1892 km Lanzhou-Urumqi railway line, completed in 1963, was one of the greatest achievements of the early communist regime. It has done much to relieve the isolation and backwardness of the western Chinese provinces Gansu and Xinjiang.


Photo Moonlake 

Crescent Moon Lake
This miraculous lake in the "Singing Sand Mountains" is part of the huge oasis of Dunhuang in the Gansu province. Dunhuang's most famous sight are the Mogao Caves with their superb Buddhist art.


Photo Han Great Wall  

Han Dynasty Great Wall
98 km north-west of Dunhuang is the Yumen (Jade Gate) pass, a ancient checkpoint on the northern Silk Road. The photo shows parts of the Great Wall from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), which secured the western border of the empire.

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