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Silk Road Tour August 2000

Section 4: Kashgar and Karakorum Highway


Photo Kashgar Market  

Sunday market in Kashgar
Kashgar is a remote desert oasis in Xinjiang province and China's westernmost city. The bazaar is the center of all activities and shows a fascinating ethnic mix of Uighurs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Usbeks, Pakistanis and a few Han Chinese.

Photo Karakorum Bus 

Karakorum Highway Bus
This bus connects Kashgar with Islamabad in Pakistan via the Khunjerab pass (4800 m). The Karakorum Highway is one of the most beautiful road journeys in the world.

Photo Pamir Mountain  

Pamir mountains
The Karakorum Highway on the Chinese side crosses the Pamir plateau at 3000 m. The last station of our journey was the Karakuri Lake at 3800 m, with it's breathtaking sight of the Kongurshan mountain (7719 m) and Muztag-Atashan mountain (7546 m).

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